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Weight Management | Beauty | Skin Care

We care about all of you! Check out our wide variety of products that will be able to assist you in managing your weight, getting flawless skin and rejuvenating your beauty.

Who we are

Our Main Objectives

Weight Management

We have a wide variety of weight management products, namely our Gummy Berry Juice, Natural Fat Burner and the list goes on.

Wellness & Health

Our products like DIM+, Zinc, Vit D3 will aid in the wellbeing of your natural health and hormone control.

Beauty & Skin Care

We all love feeling our best and sometimes its more than just weight management, let's take care of your skin.

Exotic Liquid Treats

Yes, we all love ourselves a bit of a treat now and again, and our guilt free Coffee infused with collagen will just do the trick.

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Down Size Slimming

Who We Are

Down Size Slimming® is a health and wellness company that strives to help other men and women in South Africa to become a healthy and slimmer version of themselves.

And now, through our amazing weight loss- and wellness products it is possible for everyone to achieve their goals, be it in weight loss, better sleep cycle, detoxifying your body or just to have a nice snack on the go with our amazing delicious meal replacement shake.

We cater for all, so if you fall in one or all of the above categories get in touch with us so that we can help you achieve all your goals.

Down Size Slimming


The Original Gummy Berry Juice is only sold by Down Size Slimming & Slender Living. The Original Gummy Berry Juice was formulated by Down Size Slimming to cultivate amazing weight loss. 

Our Gummy Berry Juice and other products have been tried and testing through over 15 000 South African men and woman. Our Transformations are real, just like our clients!